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September 14, 1970 – 50 years ago – 95 students rushed through the doors at Temple Emanuel as a new school, the first of its kind in Greensboro, opened its doors. From that founding, Greensboro Day School has been an innovator. And though our founders may not have fully anticipated it, our school has driven and continues to drive great change in our city, state, nation and world.

Greensboro Day School Celebrating 50 Years

In the late 1960s, a group of parents in Greensboro had a broad sense of what an independent school could be. These parents wanted to provide their children with educational excellence and fill a need in the community. What Greensboro Day School has become in the 50 intervening years is a nationally respected school of 750 students sitting on a beautiful 65-acre campus with an impressive reputation that is well-founded in the 2,800 alumni who make their impact in each corner of the world. Our exceptional faculty are the lifeblood of the school, dedicated to helping each student find their own way. Each year, our community grows with new students and parents who bring their own unique and diverse energy to our expanding campus.

Greensboro Day School has always stood for educational excellence. From the dream of the founders to the reality of today, the goal has always been to provide a unique educational experience to our region.

Across our history are countless stories of the people and programs that have made that change possible. We hope to feature as many stories below as we can, but to do that, we will need your help! The resolve to discover for everyone’s benefit, the commitment to serve others locally, nationally and beyond and the drive to share our knowledge with the next generation of scholars are distinctive traits of the Bengal community. Fifty years later, the essential focus of the founders remains true. We are all changed by the GDS experience.

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Bengal Stories

Click on the link below to see our stories of success that highlight our school’s history. They reflect our mission to help provide students with the fundamentals needed to become constructive contributors to the world. They speak to our past and to our future, and they are made possible by you — by your commitment to Greensboro Day School and to a better world. These stories are your stories.

While we can’t feature everyone, every Bengal is here in spirit. We believe the intersection of your passions and our work holds the potential to change the world. We would love to hear your story. Please share your story below and it may be featured here or on the GDS website.

Campus Then & Now

The home of Greensboro Day School is constantly changing. Every time our alumni step back on campus, they are amazed at the physical transformation of our beautiful campus. Bengals of all ages enjoy visiting campus to learn about its history, cheer on its athletic teams, enjoy diverse arts venues, or just stroll through campus. Click on the link below to see how a few photogenic spots have changed over the years.

Greensboro Day School History and Timeline


As Greensboro’s first independent school, Greensboro Day School has long been an innovator. For 50 years, GDS has grown and adapted to serve the people of Greensboro and beyond. With our long history of talented students, leading faculty, and innovative programs, GDS has made a mark on the world ever since our founding 50 years ago. Click on the link below to browse a timeline with some of the milestones along our journey.

Greensboro Day School Endowment Campaigns GDS50

50Forward Campaign

Endowments provide the foundation from which mature institutions grow. These permanent savings accounts provide coverage for almost every component that is significant to the GDS mission. By spinning off investment income, endowments are able to support every current student while ensuring the future success of Greensboro Day School.

For more information about the 50Forward Campaign, please contact Tommy Webb.

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