First (and only) Varsity Football Team

Greensboro Day School First Football Team

Greensboro Day School had a varsity football team for 1 season during the fall of 1973. (There was a JV team for two seasons during the fall of ’73 and ’74).  Winless seasons with losses by forty or more points on a regular basis and the risk of injury quickly persuaded the school that this program was not sound, either educationally or physically.  Athletic Director Lenwood Edwards, himself a football man, saw this clearly.  The decision to concentrate on sports more native to our ACC environment, particularly basketball and soccer, has produced many successes in those programs. It had been widely thought in the 1970s that for an independent day school to be successful in the South, it would have to provide a mirror, albeit a small one, of the social ambience available in the large public school down the street, and football was surely a part of that ambience.  But in this, as in numerous other instances, Greensboro Day School has proven otherwise!

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