First Boys’ Basketball State Championship

Greensboro Day School First Boys Basketball Championship

The 1988-89 boys’ basketball team had a phenomenal season. With a record of 25-8, the Bengals went on to win the school’s first ever boys’ basketball state championship on March 4, 1989. Thirty years later, the 1989 team truly was the foundation that the Greensboro Day School boys’ basketball program was built on. Coach Johnson and the boys’ basketball program have won over 1,000 games, 11 state titles and 16 Little Four titles. Thomas Roberts ’89 exclaims, “Our team got the first of those titles. GDS is now a national power. I am so proud of, and in awe of, all that GDS basketball has become; I am so proud to have been a part of the team that brought the first state championship home to GDS (exactly where it belongs).” Since 1989, the boys’ basketball program has played in 19 of the 31 state championship games, winning 11 state championships, more than any other school in North Carolina. 

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