First 1:1 Laptop Program in Guilford County

Greensboro Day School First Laptop Program in Guilford County

In 1999, the school purchased 105 laptop computers for Greensboro Day School, including 75 for Upper and Middle School Faculty members and 20 laptops to “make any classroom a wireless network.” The computer purchased was the Compaq Armada 1750 series. In “Lo Hearts Behold” it stated, “In schools, as elsewhere in society, computer-based technology is becoming an omnipresent and essential tool. Computer use is not an end in itself but a means, when employed in appropriate ways by teachers and students to better facilitate learning.” The information evolution was moving forward, and uses of the Internet expanded exponentially – whether or not given individuals or groups chose to avail themselves to the opportunities. Greensboro Day School sought to balance responsible stewardship with the mandate of the future. The Laptop Program remains one of the longest maintained programs in the country.

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