National Honor Society
Math Club
Chemistry Club
Yearbook Editor
Cross Country

After GDS:
UNC Morehead Scholar
BS in Chemistry, UNC
MD, Duke University (Fullerton Scholarship)
Chief Resident, Vanderbilt University
Researched infectious diseases in Rwanda
Father of 3 daughters

Andy Alspaugh was a member of the first class at Greensboro Day School to complete the 1st through 12th grades. He has always embodied all three aspects of the school’s motto: Friendship, Scholarship, Sportsmanship. He has worked for Duke Medical School since 1996, combining clinical care with research and education in microbiology and infectious diseases. Andy has received numerous scholarships and awards for his work and research in infectious disease, has published research in numerous medical journals and textbooks, and served on the editorial board for three medical journals. He is a professor of the departments of medicine, molecular genetics, and microbiology at Duke. His specialties in infectious diseases has led to a career working with those with compromised immune systems, especially those with HIV/AIDS.

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