A Retired Teacher’s Thank You

Kerensa Wooten

Written by Madame/Señora Kerensa Wooten

It has been a real struggle for me to decide what to include in a snapshot of wonderful memories about having had the true honor of teaching, learning, and working with such excellent students, families, faculty, staff, and friends at GDS. After many drafts of attempts, I have decided primarily to say thank you to all for the twenty years that I was gifted to work in the school teaching French and Spanish to 4th through 12th graders. As a retiree, I am beginning to discover the magnificent joys of such instances as having a parent say that while I did not teach her eldest child, she was happy to know that I was at the school looking after that student. Another moment I cherish is when an alumnus thanked me for a trip to Chile while he was passing through a foyer-full of current and past teachers and administrators on his way out of an alumni function. I especially enjoy moments when former students and current alumni are actually delighted to see me after one of their performances in a local theater, on campus, or in a grocery store, for they may not have been when they had to suffer through endless verb conjugations, the introduction to the subjunctive mood, or my stubborn insistence that they treat each other as human beings! iGracias a todos et merci beaucoup!

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