A Legacy of Giving: The Hummel Family


Anne and Sam Hummel have been impacting Greensboro Day School for over 40 years.  Their children, Elizabeth ’89, enrolled in GDS in 1976, daughter, Holmes ’94, in 1981, Amelia ’95 in 1982, and son, Sam ’99, in 1985.  The family saw tremendous growth at the school, both in size and achievement. To this day, they are proud of the education foundation their children received at Greensboro Day School.

With a recent leadership gift in celebration of the school’s upcoming 50th anniversary, the Hummels’ donation offers their generous support to help Greensboro Day School continue to fulfill its mission as they have for organizations throughout the Greensboro community.  

The Hummel’s four children were very active students throughout their years here, growing and learning to become the “constructive contributors” that they are as adults with their own families today.  All of them continue to reside in NC, and each has shown the powerful effects of this community-serving, philanthropic family. Several of Anne’s focus areas have been the local YWCA, JDRF, and the downtown…..Theatre.  While Sam has shared in all of these passionate efforts, he is a champion of Rotary and our Greensboro community spirit (UNCLE SAM, he is), too. Again, just to name a few. Local arts groups and other social services receive the Hummel touch, as well.

When asked about the particular area for this generous endowment gift, Anne and Sam decided that their 50th anniversary support would go towards GDS’s value for diversity through financial aid, as they say, “a big need at the school.”  They have placed their contribution in the Bob Demaree Financial Aid Endowment, recognizing the former Upper School Director who impacted their children, inspiring others to reach for their dreams.  

Anne has served GDS as a Board member, one capable of powerful focus and persistence, leading a strategic planning process during her final 3-year term.  Both Anne and Sam were very present in their children’s education here at Greensboro Day School as they knew that their presence was necessary and showed the commitment of time and resources vital to individual progress of each child and to the growth of the School.  They honored their children with a significant donation to our Generations’ Campaign, placing their name on the beautiful 8th grade science lab in the Bell Family Middle School.  

Anne and Sam are “Leaders amongst Leaders” who make their difference throughout their communities.  Greensboro Day School is a better place because of their families’ involvement on this campus over most of its 50 years.   

With the 50th anniversary upon us, it is important for our community to continue giving back.  We hope that other past families will follow the Hummel’s lead in helping support Greensboro Day School so that is continue to fulfill its mission to providing  the foundations students need to constructive contributors to the world.  

If you are interested in learning more about the endowment opportunities in support of the 50th Anniversary, please contact Tommy Webb at tommywebb@greensboroday.org or 336-288-8590.

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